Police Resort To Lathi Charge On Protesting Jutemill Labourers


Barrackpore: Panic spread after the police resorted to lathi charge at midnight in an attempt to allegedly break the protest of the labourers of Titagarh’s Kelvin jute mill. However, the police has completely rejected such claims.

The labourers said that they were protesting since Monday morning outside the
jutemill. They had kept the management people inside the factory and gheraod them.
On getting this information, the Titagarh police arrived with a huge police force
and combat force. At that time at leasy thousands of labourers were inside the
factory gheraoing the management staff.

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The police then lathi charged and called off the protest, as accused by the labourers. The management members were released, as a result.

After massive protest by the workers, the factory authorities decided on the wee hours of Tuesday morning, to keep the factory shut. A notice of suspension of work was put up outside the Kelvin jutemill gates.

A clash between the employers and the workers made the authorities close down the
factory on Monday. But with such a chaos situation, the notice was put up on Tuesday. As a result, more than three thousand workers became jobless overnight.

The authorities did not say anything to the media. A police picket has been deployed at the gate. However, the police rejected allegations of lathi charge.