Police Rescues Sandalwood Worth Lakhs From Jalpaiguri


Jalpaiguri: After an adventurous mission late at night on Thursday, Dhupguri police rescued illegal red sandalwood. On Thursday late at night, police raided the house of Mohammad Rana at Angrabhasa pradhanpara area. From there atleast 915 kgs of illegal sandalwood has been discovered from the youth’s house.

According to police, they had received information that there was huge stock of sandalwood kept in Mohammad Rana’s house. Later a huge police force was sent there. Police arrested Mohammad Rana and his aide Ali Akbar from the house late at night. the seized sandalwood will be worth 65 to 70 lakhs in the market, says forest department.

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According to sources, atleast 15 days back these illegal sandalwood was being taken from Siliguri to Bhutan via Telipara. Due to police checking the item was stored at Angrabhasa area’s Mohammad Rana’s house which falls midway. According to police assumption, the big logs of sandalwood was planned to smuggle to Bhutan from Siliguri via Dooars. But due to elections, heavy police checking spoiled the plan and Angrabhasha was chosen.

The Sandalwood will be handed over to forest department.