Police reconstructs Sheorafuli incident with prime accused


Chinsura: Police reconstructed the entire incident of the Sheorafuli incident where a Public Sector Bank employee Samresh Ghosh allegedly threw three bags filled with the pieces of dead bodies of a woman and her six year old child into the Ganges on Saturday. The incident was reconstructed throughout the entire night and the accused was taken to various places connected with the incident.

He was again brought back to Sheorafuli Police Station at around 4 am in the morning. Police have claimed that he had planned and murdered the woman and her child. The three bags filled with the pieces of the dead bodies were taken up from the river bed on Sunday morning.

Ghosh was caught red-handed by fellow passengers in of a boat which he had boarded and while he was throwing away the bags. Upon being interrogated, the accepted that he had thrown the bags filled with the pieces of the dead bodies into the Ganges but denied that he had murdered them. He claimed that the woman named Sucheta Chakraborty had murdered her child and had committed suicide. Police is of the opinion that Samaresh was having an illicit relation with Sucheta which has resulted in the incident.