Police May Issue Fresh Summon Against Narada CEO

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Kolkata: As per Lalbazar sources, the investigative team is likely to issue a fresh summon to the Narada News CEO Matthew Samuel.

The investigative officers would send another email to Matthew summoning him to be present at Lalbazar.  Two days ago, the police announced that Matthew Samuel would likely to be arrested if he did not reply to the email sent to him, within 7 days. In response to this, Matthew said that the case is already under trial at the Calcutta High Court. Hence, he requested to withdraw the summon to be present at Lalbazar.

In response to this, the police would send another e-mail because the police is not satisfied with the reply.  This comes after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee ordered the state government to probe into the Narada Issue under the leadership of the CP Rajiv Kumar.

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Pre Assembly elections, Narada news (a web portal) published several footages where several MLAs and renowned personalities were seen  accepting bribes from a fictitious company , promising favours in Bengal, in return.