Police Man Allegedly Harassed Woman At Charu Market Area


Kolkata: Police man has been allegedly accused of harassing a woman near Charu Market area on Thursday night. Later she filed a complaint and on the basis of that, the police man has been arrested by the Charu Market police from Prince Bakhtiar Road.

মধ্যরাতে শহরের রাস্তায় মহিলাকে ধরে টানাটানি মদ্যপ পুলিশকর্মীর

According to the police source, the accused name is Krishnakamal Bhattacharya who is presently a police staff at Nadial Police Station.According to local sources, the woman was passing by the road and the accused police started teasing her and dragging her deliberately.

Immediately the woman starts shouting and the local residents came and caught the accused. Witnessed claimed that the person was drunk.

Police are investigating the whole incident. As it is the high time of spending time on the street and police are systematically responsible for providing the security. So this kind of incident is raising question of becoming a monster in disguise of a savior.