Police locks Khaleda Zia in office


Dhaka: All protests and rallies have been banned by Bangladesh Police at the capital city of Dhaka and opposition leader Khaleda Zia has been locked up inside her office as tension rises throughout the nation ahead of the 1st anniversary of Bangladesh elections held last year boycotted by the opposition.

Zia had threatened to call for mass rallies on 5th January to mark ‘Democracy killing day’. The elections were boycotted by the Zia’s Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its allies on grounds that there will be immense rigging by the ruling party Awami league.

Police banned all rallies from 5 pm on Sunday after the ruling party also announced counter rallies. Buses and ferries have been stopped virtually cutting off the capital from the rest of the country as authorities feared that thousands of people will march towards the capital to take part in the rallies which may result in violent clashes.

Police barricaded the roads in front of BNP headquarters and prevented Khaleda Zia from leaving her office. BNP officials said that almost 400 supporters of the party have been detained by the police including two senior party leaders.

Zia’s boycott of last year’s elections paved way for Sheikh Hasina’s uncontested victory. Tension has been on the rise ever since Khaleda demanded for fresh polls on January 1 under a neutral caretaker government and had also threatened to bring the country to a halt.