Police Inspector Killed By Colleague’s Bullet


Chennai: Rajasthan Police have claimed that Inspector Periapandiyan of Tamil Nadu Police was killed by a bullet fired from the revolver of his own colleague during a raid to catch robbers with four kilos of gold in Pali district four days ago.

Deepak Bhargava, SP, Pali said, Pandiyan, accompanied by another Inspector TM Muni Shekhar and three others raided a house of Teja Ram on the night of December 13 to apprehend the absconding robbers.

The suspects attacked the raiding team from Chennai, forcing four members to escalate boundary wall to jump outside of safety, but Paeriapandiyan was stuck inside.
To save him from the attackers, Muni Shekhar pulled out his revolver.

However, it is not clear if he deliberately fired, or the revolver went off accidentally. Teja Ram, his wife and daughter have been arrested. The investigation is still on before any conclusion can be drawn.

The Rajasthan Police have accused Chennai Police of not taking it into confidence before this operation. However, Rajasthan Police also faces criticism as this region is rapidly becoming a hub for criminals who operate in other states but find shelter here.