Police cracks down on BHP meet, over 1000 arrested


Raiganj: Situation became tensed at Raiganj after police cracked down on the VHP workers and arrested more than thousand during the BHP meet at the Merchant club in Raiganj on Sunday.

BHP head Praveen Togadia was scheduled to preside the Parishad meeting at Raiganj on April 05. The Mamata government clamped Sec-144 and banned Togadia from entering Bengal siting communal aggression of Togadia as the reason.
However the BHP workers commenced the meet on Sunday as scheduled in the presence of many key Hindu leaders like Arun Jee, Sachindranath Singh.

Police clamped down heavily on BHP activist after BHP took out a rally from its office at Raiganj. Police established barricades at the Mahatma Gandhi road to prevent the marchers to attend the rally.

Earlier CM Mamata has termed Togadia as a radical and said that she won’t allow him to destroy the communal harmony enjoyed by Bengal.
The BHP chief in retaliation termed her decision as undemocratic and many BHP activists have moved to court in support of Togadi. The decision by the Mamata government is termed as a policy of minority appeasement by many.

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