Police Clamps Ban on Biggest ‘Like’ Idol


Kolkata: Delivering a big blow to Kolkata’s Deshopriyo Park Durga puja, which is featuring the world’s largest Durga ‘like’ idol, Kolkata police on Sunday evening banned pandal hoppers from entering the Deshopriyo puja pandal citing fear of a stampede due to the overwhelming crowd flocking the venue. 11 people were injured in a stampede on Sunday at a pandal in Kolkata that has the tallest Durga idol.

The face of biggest Durga idol may be covered with curtain on Monday, reported. Police filed FIR against this puja committee and closed all the entrance door of this puja.The police stopped ‘darshan’ of the idol indefinitely for safety and security reasons. Even the metro services were disrupted as the massive crowd headed underground, aiming to get off at Kalighat station nearest to the tallest Durga pandal.

Police officials said that the ban has been imposed as the organizers violated the norms prescribed by the High Court while constructing the pandal. Police also stated that no proper arrangement of crowed control has been placed by the organizers. According to them, there are fears that any moment the accident occurs. Thousands of crowds were gathered outside the Deshapriya Park on Sunday night. They didn’t listen any word of police.

They just want to watch a glimpse of the face of the biggest Durga Maa. Many people climbed up the grill to look the Durga Idol. But alas! This Durga idol may be banned for some days. It is to be noted that overwhelming crowed flocked to Deshopriyo Park to see the giant 82 Durga idol, claimed to be the largest in the world. The ban has dampened the spirit of the pandal hoppers.

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