Police arrest ‘Supari-Killers’: Kartick Saha murder case


Kolkata: A new turn to the murder case of Kartick Saha comes up in the fore front. According to police sources, two ‘supari killers’ (paid murderers) were assigned to kill Kartick saha at the time of his morning walk, have been arrested. They have been given Rs 50,000 for killing Saha, claims police. They will be produced before the courtKartick Saha was an education department employee Kartick Saha. Previously, masterminded by his wife Sujata and her lover Kuntal. During interrogation, the duo have confessed engaging contract killers for the gruesome murder.

During interrogation Sujata broke down and confessed planning out Kartick’s murder. Sujata, who came to know Kartick seven-eight month back, came very close to him. Since Kartick was resisting their extra-marital affair, Sujata and Kuntal decided to finish him off. The plan to kill Kartick was chalked out around 15 days back when Sujata secretly went to meet Kuntal at the Bidhannagar Station. They decided that the work had to be done in a way that they get scot free. The duo decided to engage two contract killers for that.