Police, Administration Not Performing Their Duties In Asansol: Babul Supriyo


Asansol: BJP MP Babul Supriyo, who has been in the violence-torn Asansol to take stock of the situation, said on Thursday that the state administration including the police and the district magistrate are acting like TMC cadres.

“Whether it’s the police, the District Magistrate or the administration, they are all acting like TMC cadres. It’s no coincidence that Babul Supriyo enters Asansol after 24 hours and the internet services are shut down, because they know I’m going to give media reports from the ground and talk about the failure of the administration,” Supriyo told ANI.

The West Bengal government has sent three top IPS officers to Asansol to bring under control violence that erupted in the area in the wake of Ram Navami rallies on Sunday. This on a day when parts of the town saw stone pelting, bomb throwing and houses and cars set ablaze.

The state government also said no to the governor’s “expressed desire” to visit the police officer who was grievously injured at Raniganj on Monday and “acquaint himself about the situation”. Deputy Commissioner of Police Arindam Dutta Chowdhury is in hospital at Durgapur.

The BJP MP further accused the police of coming into action only after the miscreants have reached their hiding places.

“It has been the modus operandi that the police do not act in the first hour and a half,” he remarked, and added that an officer of DCP rank was bombed on Wednesday and not even tear gases were fired by the police.

Supriyo’s claims come in stark contrast to the police’s statement that the situation is under control in Asansol. “I have apprised them that the report to be sent by the state is again going to be another set of hoax, another few pages of absolute trash,” he added.

Forty-Eight people were arrested in connection with the communal violence that have claimed three lives during the Ram Navami processions brought out in different parts of West Bengal over the past three days.

On Wednesday, the Central Government sought a report from the Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal government on incidents of arson and violence during Ram Navami processions in the last two days.

Supriyo, who also met the state Governor Keshri Nath Tripathi during his visit, said that he has informed the Centre that that several attempts by the Governor to convince the state to allow paramilitary force in Asansol has failed.

The Ram Navami celebrations on March 25 had turned sour after clashes erupted in various parts of Bengal leaving three dead and several injured.