PM’s statement to media Briefing with Kenny


 Dublin: It is truly a pleasure to be here in Ireland. Short this visit may be, it is historic. It has taken 59 years for an Indian Prime Minister to visit Ireland. Thank you for your very warm reception and gracious hospitality. Thank you for your kind words of friendship for India.

India and Ireland share much in common. We can compare notes on our shared colonial history. Our Constitutions have something sacred in common. The Directive Principles of State Policy in the Indian Constitution are inspired by the Irish Constitution.Irish experts gave us institutions like the Geological Survey of India and the first Linguistic Survey of India. Today, sports manufacturers in India keep Ireland’s passion for rugby going.

From the friendship between Rabindranath Tagore and W.B. Yeats to the spiritual contribution of Sister Nivedita in India, the Irish and Indian people have formed strong bonds of affinity.Today, 26,000 Indians constitute a vibrant part of the Irish community. And, the victims of the bombing of the Air India Kanishka aircraft find a resting place here. In the 30th anniversary year of that tragedy, we thank you once again for the memorial that honors them.

India and Ireland must seek closer partnership and cooperation. India and Ireland are among the fastest growing economies of Asia and Europe.We are pleased that our bilateral trade and investment ties are growing, despite global and regional uncertainties. Our economic partnership can have a strong technology focus – information technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, agriculture and clean energy.

Greater sensitivity of the European Union to India’s commercial interests and challenges will help us resume discussions on India-EU Broad-based Trade and Investment Agreement. I hope that our Joint Working Group on Information Technology will meet soon to chart out the road map for collaboration. I also hope that Ireland’s visa policy will be sensitive to the requirements of India’s Information Technology firms. I also conveyed our interest in concluding a social security agreement, which will be of great help to professionals from both countries.

I am glad that we will soon have direct air services by airlines of both countries. This will not only promote our business links, but also give a strong boost to our tourism ties that are already growing at 14% per year.Science and technology and education are two other areas, where we have a good history of cooperation, and where we can do much more. Ireland’s Science Centre in Karnataka is one example of that cooperation.

I thank Ireland for its leadership in sustainable development goals.Modi said again to the media Thank you once again for your hospitality. It has been a couple of decades since you last visited India. I look forward to seeing you in India.