PM, Speaker are Showpieces: Ershad at JS


Dhaka: Special envoy to the premier HM Ershad today told the parliament Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury are showpieces.

“Because other women in the country are not safe,” the chairman of the opposition party at the House said during his speech, angering most of the women MPs.

“Women in Bangladesh fear to pay respect at Shaheed Minar after midnight. They are assaulted at Dhaka University during Pahela Baishakh,” he said.

Ershad’s comments drew anger of many women lawmakers at the house and the Speaker was forced to pass a ruling to allow the former military ruler to speak his mind.

He blamed the government for not being able to curb down on bad governance, money laundering, corruption and the “sorry state of educational institutions”.

Leader of the opposition and deputy of Jatiya Party Raushan Ershad expressed sorrow from all on behalf of her party over the comments before beginning her speech.

The Speaker said Ershad’s comments over women empowerment will be expunged as the use of language violated the conduct of the parliament.