PM shares ‘Mann ki Baat’ with students


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today shared Mann ki baat with the students appearing for the examinations. Calling himself an average student the prime Minister joked that his handwriting was so poor that his teachers could not understand them and he used to get away with the exams.

The PM adviced the students not to take the examinations as a burden and put themselves under stress while preparing for the exams and parents should not compare their children with that of others. He also said that doing well in the examinations are important but not much should be thought about the future or the past.

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Talking about the girl students he said that they excel in academics although they help their mother in their work.  He took the example of cricketers saying that a batsman facing the ball thinks about the ball and not about the entire match or series. He asked the students to be their own guide saying that one who becomes his own guide touches new heights.