PM Salutes Freedom Fighter Bagha Jatin


New Delhi: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has saluted Freedom Fighter Bagha Jatin, on the centenary of his martyrdom.

“I salute Bagha Jatin on the centenary of his martyrdom. His courage and sacrifice for our Motherland will always be remembered”, the Prime Minister said.

Bagha Jatin, born Jatindranath Mukherjee was a Bengali revolutionary philosopher against British rule. He was the principal leader of the Yugantar party that was the central association of revolutionaries in Bengal. He died fighting the British imperialists in a gun battle.

In 1925, Gandhi told Tegart that Jatin Mukherjee, generally referred to as “Bagha Jatin” (translated as Tiger Jatin), was “a divine personality”. Little did he know that Tegart had once told his colleagues that if Jatin were an Englishman, then the English people would have built his statue next to Nelson’s at Trafalgar Square. In his note to J.E. Francis of the India Office in 1926, he described Bengali revolutionaries as “the most selfless political workers in India”

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