PM Narendra Modi Visits EMERCOM Crisis Centre in Moscow

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Moscow: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his two-day visit to Russia, on Thursday visited Russia’s National Crisis Management Centre at ‘Agency for Support and Coordination of Russian Participation in International Humanitarian Operations”.

Russia’s NCMC is a multi-level coordination centre designed to provide inter-agency coordination and alert the people about the threat of emergency situations.

The EMERCOM Agency is involved in rendering international humanitarian assistance to the affected population, humanitarian demining and elimination of consequences of natural disasters both in Russia and abroad.

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Around 240000 employees from EMERCOM remain on operational duty daily for emergency response, using 62000 equipment units. PM said partnership has been elevated to the level of ‘special and privileged’ strategic one and that he sees positive signs of further growth.

Riding on a History of strong ties and unwavering trust, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was optimistic that his visit to Russia will further boost bilateral relations between the two nations.

He tweeted to express supreme confidence that his visit will deepen economic & security ties with a valued friend like Russia.

PM Modi’s pre-departure statement also conveyed similar sentiments. He added that besides cooperation in economic and energy sectors, visit will see increased cooperation in science & technology, mining among other sectors.

He was confident that the visit will further boost already strong people to people ties between our nations. Further PM’s interview Russian News Agency TASS again establishes positive and buoyant character of the visit. PM called Russia , India’s unwavering friend making it clear that the atmosphere of trust continues between the two nations.

The relations between India and Russia are linked together through the water, land and sky. Our defense source, defense power, in all these Russia is associated with us for all those years.

Similarly, in the global environment, in times of crisis, where you need a friend, Russia has always stood with us.

PM spoke about a gamut of subjects during the interview , touching subjects like the friendship between the two nations, defense cooperation. He talked of how even when the world was going through enormous political and economic upheaval, the relationship between India and Russia remained on a steady course of progress. He also mentioned that the synergy between two economies and markets compliments each other very well.

Russia was the first country with which we concluded a formal agreement on strategic partnership, which has since been elevated to the level of ‘special and privileged’ strategic partnership in recognition of our multifaceted bilateral engagement. I see positive signs of further growth owing to complementarities of both the countries.

The strengths of Russia in science and technology, military technology and nuclear energy to name a few, complement the large market of India, expanding economy and demand of its young population. This provides us with the confidence that we can take forward our existing dynamic partnership.

The Prime Minister also touched upon the critical subject of Energy security and admitted that India looks towards Russia as a key partner in the area. He outlined how Russia’s hydrocarbon reserves as well as Nuclear technology and knowhow form an important curve in India’s energy security trajectory. Hopes are also high on the proposed north south corridor, that will link the two regions.

Energy is a sector where we can do a lot more. Russia is one of the world’s top sources for hydrocarbon resources and India is one of the world’s largest importers. We have had significant investments in this sector. We have outlined an ambitious vision for nuclear energy and construction of at least 12 reactors, which will have the highest safety standards in the world.

The 16th annual India Russia Summit would commence with a private dinner hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin. On the second day the Prime Minister will interact with Russian and Indian CEOs.

The euphoria with the visit is not only evident in India, Russia too is expecting important agreements that will add another chapter to the glorious history of bilateral relations.