Modi’s Secular ‘Mantra’ in the celebration of Sainthood


PM Narendra Modi was the chief guest at the celebration for Sainthood for Fr. Kuriakose Elias Chavara and Euphrasia. Modi speech on secularism was noteworthy at the occasion. Here are some of the highlights of what Modi said:

  • Equal respect for all religions must be in DNA of every Indian, we cannot accept violence against any religion on any pretext: PM Modi
  • Unity strengthens us. Division weakens us. I sincerely request all Indians and all of you present here to support me in this huge task: PM
  • India is a land of Budha and Gandhi, equal respect for all religion should be in the DNA of every citizen: PM Modi

  • Appeal to all religious groups to act with mutual respect and tolerance: PM Narendra Modi at Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan
  • The tradition of welcoming, respecting and honouring all faiths is as old as India itself: Modi
  • My Govt. will ensure that everyone has the freedom of faith and everyone has undeniable right to religion without coercion: PM Modi

  • My government will ensure that there is complete freedom of faith: PM Narendra Modi
  • In this context the ancient Indian play of mutual respect for all faiths is now beginning to manifest in global discourses: PM Modi
  • World is increasingly witnessing division and hostility on religious lines, this has become a matter of global concern: PM Modi