Modi ‘Pained’ Over Cauvery Row, Urges To ‘Display Sensitivity’

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday appealed to the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to stop the violence, to keep the nation’s interest in mind and to remember their civic responsibilities.

“Whenever the country has faced adverse circumstances, the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, just like people across the country have always handled the situation with sensitivity,” PM Modi tweeted.

The PM said the fallout of the Cauvery water dispute is “distressful”, and added, “I am personally pained at the developments.”

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Karnataka has been on the boil since last week – and more so since Monday – after a Supreme Court ordered the state government to release 12,000 cusecs of Cauvery water a day to Tamil Nadu until the 20 th . One person was killed on Monday in police firing during a protest. In addition to bandhs and strikes, people have also damaged property on a large scale.

“Breaking the law is not a viable alternative. Violence cannot provide a solution to any problem. In a democracy, solutions are found through restraint and mutual dialogue,” the PM said. He added that the violence and arson seen in the last two days is only causing loss to the poor, and to the nation’s property.

The PM also appealed to the people of the two states to look beyond regional boundaries.

“I trust you will keep national interest and nation building above all else and give priority to restraint, harmony, and finding a solution, eschewing violence, destruction and arson,” he said.