PM Modi On Mann Ki Baat: ‘New India Is Dream Of 125 Crore Indians’

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday shared his vision of New India — saying it was the dream of 125 crore Indians which can be realised before our eyes if they so wish who will create a Bhavya and Divya Bharat.

New India has repeatedly been a theme in the Prime Minister’s recent speeches — the year 2022 had been presented by a milestone by which time it could be achieved.

Today, the Prime Minister said, “New India is not a government scheme of a matter of politics. New India is the dream of 125 crore Indians, which they can make happen before our eyes”.

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The “desire of 125 crore Indians to transform India” forms the foundation of New India, he had added.

PM Modi also announced an enhanced maternity leave for working women. He said, “Working women will now be given maternity leave of 26 weeks, instead of the earlier 12 weeks, for their pregnancy and delivery. The basic aim is to ensure proper care of the newborn, the future citizen of India, from the time of birth.”

In his radio address PM Modi also said that his call for ‘New India’ is not a ‘government scheme’ but a process of change in mindset of ‘125 crore Indians’.

Addressing the 30th edition of Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi said, ” New India is not a government scheme or a matter of politics. It manifests the strength of each and every India, who will together create a Bhavya Bharat.”

Elaborating his point, Modi further said, ” It is the essence of the emotions of the 125 crore Indians wanting to come together and create a magnificent India.”

PM Modi also said several other things such as that, “We live in 21st century. Desire of 125 crore countrymen for change, effort to change, is what will lay strong foundation of ‘New India’. New India is the clarion call of 125 crore countrymen. 125 crore Indians nurture a hope, a zeal, a resolve, a desire. There are lakhs of people, who besides their own personal responsibilities, are working selflessly for society.”

PM Modi also added that, “Every citizen must discharge his civic duties and responsibilities. This in itself would be a good beginning to the New India.People in large numbers participated in digital payment in Digidhan movement. There has been increase in curiosity about cashless transactions.India has extended support to the movement towards digital transactions. People of India have rejected corruption and black money. Whenever I ask for ideas and suggestions for Mann Ki Baat, one theme on which I keep getting suggestions is Swachhata.

People of India are getting angry as far as dirt is concerned and this is a welcome sign. Making cleanliness an integral part of our lives and ensuring a clean India. Wastage of food is unfortunate. I know of several youngsters who are using technology and helping prevent wastage of food.”

He further said that, “Depression can be overcome. We all can play a role in helping those suffering from depression overcome it. Always good to share your feelings with others, if feeling depressed. Yoga too is a good means for mental well-being. Yoga helps in relieving tension and stress, and leads one towards a happy state of mind.”