PM Modi launches MUDRA Bank at New Delhi

  • Banks will help restructure their farming model: PM
  • We have to worry about the farmer of India, who faces problems due to lack of adequate of rainfall or due to unseasonal rain: PM

  • In one year established banking system would adopt the model of MUDRA: Modi
  • Ministers have gone to the farmers and taken stock of the situation. Met Ministers to chalk out how we can help the farmers: PM

  • Only 11 lakh crore is invested in micro, small and medium enterp
  • We would like to study and adopt best practices on micro financing: PM
  • rises: PM Modi at launch of MUDRA Bank
  • Our mantra of ‘MUDRA’ is to fund the unfunded: PM Modi
  • If we give a little help to those who generate this employment then a big change can be brought in our country: PM
  • Small business employ 12 crore people: PM Modi at launch of MUDRA Bank

  • We need to increase employment opportunities in the nation: PM
  • The work of the banking sector in Jan Dhan Yojana is immense: PM
  • Big industrial houses provide jobs to only 1.25 cr people, while small entrepreneurs employ 12 cr people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • MUDRA Bank expected to benefit 5.77 crore small business enterprises: PM
  • We need to increase employment opportunities in the Nation: PM
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