PM Modi Lands in Moscow, Receives Guard of Honour


Moscow: Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in the Russian capital for the Sixteenth Annual Summit on Wednesday. hE was welcomed with the national anthem and was accorded with the guard of honour after he landed in Moscow.

The Prime Minister would shortly attend a private dinner hosted by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Summit is scheduled to begin tomorrow with the Prime Minister interacting with Russian and Indian CEOs.

Before the interaction,PM would also lay wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. He is also scheduled to visit the Russian Emercon, which is an emergency disaster facility. He will be shown how the country handles civil disasters through this.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also meet the Friends of India at the Moscow Expo-Centre. He is then scheduled to address the Indian community, after which he would depart to return to India.

India and Russia have shared a privileged relation from time immemorial. During the previous Summit, the leaders of the two nations discussed largely about expansion of economic ties. It would yet again hold a special position in the sixteenth Summit.

The two nations also share close nuclear ties with Russia already constructing 12 Nuclear plants in the country. Further discussion is also expected in this regard.

The Prime Minister is also expected to visit Kabul on his way back. But the reports have not yet been confirmed.