PM Modi Helped Us By Abusing Us: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: As PM Modi held his first-ever press conference in Delhi, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi also held a press conference at the same time at party headquarter on Friday.

At the presser, Rahul Gandhi said that the prime minister helped the Congress in closing at least 10 per cent doors for the BJP. “We went state by state. I am proud to say that we closed 99% of the doors. He helped us by closing 10 per cent doors by being abusive to us. Congress has done a tremendous job. This fight is protection for the Supreme Court, the Reserve bank of India and the Enforcement Directorate,” he said.

“Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and our other senior leaders have much more experience. And we will use their experience,” Gandhi said while addressing a press conference at the party headquarters here.

He was responding to a question about UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi taking the front seat to push for talks with the other parties in view of the election results on May 23.

“We are not like the BJP. We don’t push our seniors out. But we take best of our seniors,” he said while slamming the BJP for sidelining several senior leaders of the party like L.K. Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and others.

The Congress leader also refused to comment on how many seats the party will win.

The Congress also accused te Election Commission of being “biased” and said that it has a different set of rules for the Prime Minister and for the opposition leaders.

“It does not look good to say this but the role of the Election Commission has been biased,” he said, adding that it has different rules for Modiji and different rules for us.

“Partiality is clearly visible,” he said.

“Even the entire election schedule has been made to benefit Modi, but the people of the country understand it,” he said, adding that the Congress believes in the Election Commission as an institution.