PM Modi To Be Crowned As ‘Most Followed Leader Of State’


New Delhi: As Barack Obama makes way for the 45th President of US Donald Trump, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the world’s most followed leader on social media.

PM Modi now has the highest number of followers among all leaders of states on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+.

Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister of India who has promoted the modern and digitised way of communication and also has followed the use of technology in governance to reach out the citizens of India.

Currently, Modi’s followers on Twitter are 26.5 million, Facebook 39.2 million, Google+ 3.2 million, LinkedIn 1.99 million, Instagram 5.8 million, and YouTube 5,91,000.
His Mobile App, which has close to 10 million downloads, is also the most widely used app for a political figure.

The app consists of gamification features where people can contribute in many ways and earn points. The prime minister regularly invites suggestions for various issues through his App and the top contributors in the app get to meet Prime Minister Modi.

PM Modi’s most significant invention was Government of India’s direct transfer of subsidies and benefit to the poor sections of the society.

Using the recently launched BHIM app, he has given powers to the poor to send and receive payments without even visiting banks and can go cashless as well.

Twitter campaigns like #Sandesh2Soldiers, #MyCleanIndia, #IncredibleIindia, #SelfieWithDaughter are some of the campaigns run by the Government of India and a massive response was received back.

Prime Minister keeps a tab on grievance redressal and systematic issues are taken by him personally in every month’s Pragati session. Through this session, the PM interacts with chief secretaries and senior officials of the central government.

Moreover, people of India can anytime access the website from anywhere and contribute with ideas and suggestions. This portal has close to 4 million members.

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