PM Modi Breaks Silence Over Kathua & Unnao Gang Rapes


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today broke his silence over the Kathua and Unnao gang rapes. PM Modi said that both these incidents challenge the concept of social justice.

He said that the events that have been occupying the national debate in the past two days are an embarrassment for a civilized society.

“As a society, we all are ashamed of this as a country,” said PM Modi on the gang rapes while addressing a gathering at the Dr Ambedkar National Memorial, Delhi.

PM added that such horrific crimes shock human sensibilities and ensured that no criminal will escape and justice will be done. “The task of eliminating this internal evil of our society, we all have to do together,” he said.

In his address, he said that the boys should think and answer on this. “We have to strengthen our family system, from social values to justice system. Only then will we create Baba Saheb’s dream of India,” said PM.

PM Modi also attacked the Congress by saying that the Grand Old Party never wanted to develop or uplift the Dalit in the country.

“Our government is pursuing the path shown by Baba Saheb with the mantra of welfare for everyone. Everyone is trying to reach the benefit of development to every section of the society,” he said.


In his attack, PM Modi asked Congress to talk about the work done by them to respect Baba Saheb. “I challenge the Congress to talk about a single work done by them for Baba Saheb, any single work done by them as a mark of respect to him,” said PM Modi.

He said that the Congress used all its power to remove any mention of Baba Saheb from the country’s history. “This is the bitter truth of history that when Baba Saheb was alive, Congress left no stone unturned to insult him,” he said.

PM Modi also spoke about the contribution of the NDA government to the welfare of Dalits. “In 2015, we strengthened the law against atrocities on Dalits. We have increased the number of crimes against Dalits enlisted in the law from 22 to 47,” he said.


He said that Baba Saheb would not have imagined that after independence, a government with a working culture of ‘latkana, atkana and bhatkana’ will come to power.

“In the last four years our government has re-started work on programs and schemes that have been pending for many-many years,” said PM.

The prime minister also said that the Congress under Manmohan Singh closed all the files related to these welfare schemes. The NDA-led government after coming to power in 2014 dug up all these files and worked on it, said PM.