PM Modi & Ambedkar Are “Brahmins”, Lord Krishna OBC : Guj Assembly Speaker


Gandhinagar: Gujarat Assembly Speaker Rajendra Trivedi on Saturday described both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Dr B R Ambedkar as “Brahmins”, and Lord Krishna as an “OBC” who was “made God” by Rishi Sandipani. Trivedi was addressing a “Mega Brahmin Business Summit” in Gandhinagar.

The “learned” Brahmin community has never been “power hungry”, and was instrumental in the success of kings such as Chandragupta Maurya, and of gods such as Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, Trivedi said.

“Brahmins made the gods, and I have always said that Lord Ram was a Kshatriya, but it was the “rishis and munis” (learned sages) who made him god,” he said at the business summit-cum-job-fair organised by the Samast Gujarat Brahma Samaj at the Mahatma Mandir.

“The shepherd of Gokul — today we would refer to him as an OBC — who made this OBC a god? It was Sandipani Rishi, a Brahmin,” Trivedi said, referring to Lord Krishna. Brahmins safeguarded the Sanskrit language, he said: “Bhagwan Vyas, the son of Matsyakanya, was made a god by the Brahmins.”

The Speaker, who won the 2017 Assembly election on a BJP ticket from Vadodara (Raopura seat), spoke in the presence of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel at the event sponsored by the state-run Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation. He too was a Brahmin, and was proud to be one, Trivedi said.

He referred to Emperor Chandragupta Maurya who was counselled by Chanakya, the author of the Arthashastra. “Despite being learned, despite making kings and gods, the Brahmin community has never been power hungry,” Trivedi said. “Chanakya made Chandragupta the king. He could have himself become the king, if he wished. But Brahmins never dream of becoming kings. Brahmins think of the entire society,” he told a gathering made up largely of youths wearing badges saying “job seeker”.

Trivedi likened Brahmins to the “cream that settles on top of milk when it is boiled”. Towards the end of his speech, however, he said that anybody who is “learned” is a Brahmin. “I have no hesitation in saying that (Dr B R) Ambedkar is also a Brahmin. Ambedkar is a Brahmin because his surname, Ambedkar, a Brahmin surname, was given by his teacher, a Brahmin.

There is nothing wrong in calling a learned person a Brahmin. In that context I will say proudly that Honourable (Prime Minister Narendra) Modiji is also a Brahmin,” Trivedi said.

Babasaheb Ambedkar was born Bhimrao Sakpal Ambawadekar, and it was his teacher Mahadev Ambedkar who gave him his surname. The family belonged to the village of Ambawade in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri district.

Prime Minister Modi belongs to the OBC community. Trivedi began his speech by listing out the achievements of Brahmins in the political arena. The community has given India five Presidents, seven Prime Ministers, 50 Chief Ministers, more than 50 Governors, 27 Bharat Ratna winners, and seven Nobel Laureates, he said. He added that a Brahmin woman, Anjaliben, was the force behind Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

Speaking at the same event later, the Chief Minister endorsed Trivedi’s views. “The rishi-munis (sages) were Brahmins. Rajendrabhai is right.”

Brahmins are the third community after Patidars and Kshatriyas to organise a business summit-cum-job fair in Gujarat over the last one year. The organisers of the summit said over 1,200 Brahmin businessmen and more than 10,000 unemployed youths registered for the event.