PM Emphasizes On ‘Athithi Devo Bhabha’ in His ‘ Mann Ki Baat’


New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi hosted the 15th edition of the programme, Mann Ki Baat, on AIR.Regional language versions of this broadcast will be aired by AIR stations in respective regions, at 8 in the evening same day.

The programme is also live-streamed on the You Tube channels of Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and DD News.

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The main topics touched by our honourable Prime Minister are the diversity of India, and the several faestivals that are celebrated in India. He wished the nation a merry Christmas and bestowed his best wishes for the New year 2016.

He emphasized on Cleanliness of homes and tourism destinations as ‘Athithi Devo Bhaba’to enhance the tourism sector of India and welcoming of guests. He also said that he is pleased with the cleanliness drive. He also thanked the media for highlighting such work. In Bhojpura village, Shri Dilip Singh Malaviya has constructed 100 toilets without charging even a single penny.

Common man who couldn’t even think of approaching a bank, is now getting easy loans under MUDRA Scheme. Speaking about his app, Through ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’ we can connect with each other. People tell me a lot of positive things that happen.

Narendra Modi said, “ I had briefly touched upon ‘Start Up India, Stand Up India’ in my 15th August address from Red FortStart Up India, Stand Up India has brought a huge opportunity for youth. On 16th January we are coming out with an action plan on start ups. Universities & youth will be connected with this programme.The talent of our youth is not restricted to a few cities. All across India youngsters have talent & they need opportunities.”

“On 12th January we will mark the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Since 1995 National Youth Festival begins on that day.This time the festival will be held in Chhattisgarh. The festival will be a mini-India with youth from all over joining.If there is a deficiency in someone’s body, we call that person as disabled. But the god has endowed that person with some extra ability.Then a thought came to my mind that instead of ‘Viklaang’, why should we not use the word ‘Divyaang’ for them.Under this, we would improve both, physical and virtual infrastructure, to make it more ‘Divyaang- friendly’.”

“In our country, there is a subsidy on LPG cylinders.Subsidy is reaching bank accounts directly under the world’s biggest ‘Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme’. I am feeling proud to inform that this scheme has got a place in Guinness Book of World Records.”