Please Save Me, SOS From Kerala To Mamata


Suri: Rahul Sheikh, The resident of Goltekur in Birbhum’s Illambazar police station. He went to the Kerala for job purpose. Now he stuck in Kerala flood. Rahul is in extreme trouble But he is not alone.

মমতা দিদি বাঁচান, কেরল থেকে এল ভিডিও বার্তা

More than ten people are having similar problems. Rahul and others went together to work in Kerala. Now they live in Kerala’s Trishur and Chajhur area.

To get rid of the situation, Rahul has capture a video on mobile phone where he highlighted their misery. He has requested West Bengal chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to help him as soon as possible.

Rahul has sent the video to his family. From there it came to the public. The family members of the victims are worried about them. Rahul’s father Rafiqul Sheikh said, after a long time, he talked to the son. He also appealed to the Chief Minister to help those boys.