Planning Underway To Preserve Energy In Housings


Kolkata: The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is preparing an energy preserving building code in the housings. Apart from this, in order to save electricity, this organisation has also taken the initiative to increase the efficiency of the use of electricity. Abhay Bakre, Director General of BEE, said, “A building code for the preservation of energy is being prepared.”

The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry observed their 11th Annual Environment
and Energy Conclave on Thursday. The DG of BEE said that an energy conservation
building code was started in 2017 in the big commercial buildings where the electricity load in 100 kilo watts or more than that.

Bakre thinks that there is an increasing demand in AC in India. The use of electricity for AC will also increase as a result. 70 lakh AC’s are sold in India and within the next 5-6 years, it will increase to 1.5 crores. Hence, with modern technology, 40 giga watts of electricity could be reduced within 2030.