Piyush Goyal Rejects Amit Mitra’s Allegations On GST


New Delhi: Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Monday rubbished claims of West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra on pending GST refunds of exporters.

Goyal rejecting Mitra’s statement said exporters were requested to collect their funds. He said, “From May 31 – June 31, all exporters were asked to come for a refund. Those whose refund amounted Rs 10 lakh got a self-certification and those whose refund was above Rs.10 lakh were asked to provide a CA certificate to get a refund. The State Government must be knowing about that.”

Mitra had remarked that the Centre has “horribly implemented” the Goods and Services Tax and now the “largest fiscal reform of is in a total mess.”

He further said that the Trinamool Congress, under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee had included GST in their manifesto in 2009 and even supported it in the parliament, but that party is shocked at the way GST has been implemented by the Centre.

Mitra said, “We asked the Centre to not launch it on the July 1, but they did not listen and went ahead with the launch on the same date.”

Mitra alleged that the small and medium enterprises are suffering since the implementation of GST.