‘Pink Cab’ To Give Free Driving Training To Grow Women Independent


Tamluk: It is said that driving is not a cup of tea for women. The tradition has already broken as women are driving four wheelers and two wheelers too. Now women are obtaining this as profession.

East Midnapore district has taken initiative to independent women by giving training as cab driver. District administration will help them to assure taxi and will provide training in free of cost under the scheme ‘Pink Cab’.

Interested women are also getting trained under Tourism Circuit of East Midnapore. On the other hand, light motor vehicle will be given to women to learn driving. West Bengal government has promised to bring them under ‘Gatidhara’ scheme. It is an initiative to make women financially independent.

East Midnapore is holding total two tourism circuit in the district. Tamluk- Haldia circuit is the first one. Maynagarh, Geokhali, Mahishadal Rajbari, Tamluk Rajbari. The second circuit includes Digha-Mandarmani,Tajpur, Udaypur circuit where many sea beach Dariyapur light house, Deshpran Fish port and many other significant sites are there.

Reportedly, women who will be trained under ‘Pink Cab’ will have a dress code. They will be given map booklet and tourism booklet. Audio-player of the car will have vivid description in record.

The interested women will have to contact DM office and SDO office and have to download online application form. The form has to be submitted in block development office, or District Magistrate office.

many women have already applied for the training. Many college girls are moving towards ‘pink cab’ scheme to enlist name.