Physically Challenged Outperform Regular Students In Madhyamik

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Kolkata: Physically challenged students outperformed general students in the Class X exams of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education 2018, the results of which were declared on Wednesday.

They faced physical disability but that could not deter these bravehearts from scoring well in this year’s Class X Madhyamik examinations of the West Bengal. These bravehearts scroed good in the Madhyamik examination. All part of educational think tank praised these physical disability students.

শিক্ষার আকাঙ্খার কাছে হার মানল শারীরিক প্রতিবন্ধকতা

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According to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education president Kalyanmoy Ganguly, the physically handicapped students registered a pass percentage of 88.82.

According to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, Out of the 110 blind examinees, 109 among them passed in the examination. Out of 93 blind girls, 83 passed in the examination.

In other hand, out of 82 duff students, 70 passed. Out of 67 girl duff students, 43 passed in the examination. The total pass percentage of them is 78.52.