Photographer Climbs World’s Highest Bridge To Propose To His Girlfriend


Bangkok: A marriage proposal is one of the most special events in a person’s life as it changes their lives forever as it marks the most significant decision for a couple’s life. While people do make sure that they come up with the most touching way to pop the question, some literally take it to another level.

While one man created a buzz by proposing to his girlfriend during a Coldplay concert, a Bangkok based photographer named Keow Wee Loong climbed all the way up world’s highest bridge in China to take a picture proposing to his girlfriend from the astonishing height.

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The picture taken by a drone was later posted by him on social media for his girlfriend to see while they were on a trip to Bali, and this certainly was too daring a proposal to turn down for the girl named Marta Sibielak.

The daredevil photographer came up with the idea after his girlfriend told him that she found Disneyland proposals cheesy and wanted something unique. He also said that people should take precautions and take their capability in consideration before doing something like this.