PHD-Wanderers ‘Prabhuji’, Finding Solace In ‘Harinaam’


Kolkata: “The peace of God is with them whose mind and soul are in harmony, who are free from desire and wrath, who know their own soul.” Harinama, or “complete chanting of the names of Hari” is the popular call-and-response style of group kirtan, which often includes musical instruments and dancing.Kirtan or chanting the name of lord Krishna gives complete peace to human mind.And Kirtan keeps one connected to the almighty.In search of such seclusion and solace a group of professors and scholars have come out with ‘Khol&Kartal’.

One can only believe if they meet with the members of Durgapur Prabhuji community.On Sunday, 22nd July they performed at the ‘Kunti Pujo’ ceremony of Kolkata Thakurpukur club. They created a divine atmosphere with their soulful Kirtan, residents and the members of the Thakurpur club were so much pleased with them. Their music made the listeners filled with serenity and solace.Their ‘Kunti Kirtan’ was ‘magical’ and everyone was delighted. Just like Sri Chaitanya the members of this Kirtan group wander in search of solace.

The members of the Prbhuji community are highly qualified. Most of them are scholars. Some are seeking a doctorate degree and some are professors of Durgapur NIT college. The total numbers of this group is nearly ten including singers and musicians.Not only in countryside, the Prabhuji community also sings Kirtan wandering in different parts of the city.

Dr. Gautam Banerjee, the organiser of Durgapur Prabhuji community, said that his grandfather formed this group.In 2009, this group was formed with some students.Dr.Banerjee said, “The students who joined this group in the beginning called my grandfather Nivaranchandra Mukherjee as Prabhuji.Hence, the name of this group became Prabhuji.”

With the passing days the members of this group also increased gradually,members who joined the group are Dr. Anupam Dey, Dr. Siddhakam Bhattacharya, Dr. Arun Upadhyay, Dr. Arijit Ghosh came to the team.Finding peace by uttering the name of God, other members like scientist Malay Bhattacharya, and Sayan Gupta joined the group.

Whenever they get time,the members of Prabhuji group come out from the house wearing dhoti and kurtas, taking musical instruments like ‘Khol-Kartal’and  harmonium.They wander temple to temple,houses singing Kirtans and spreading the name of God everywhere.Meanwhile, Prabhuji has already received great honour from various districts of West Bengal-Bolpur, Nabagram, and Kolkata.

The students who come for research under the guidance of these scholars also practice Kirtan from these mentors.If your mind is calm then then everything will be good. So Dr. Banerjee said, “Not only the students We request every human being to chant Kirtan to gain peace of mind and solace.”Only ‘Harinaam’ could heal the problems of our life,it is so divine. It is the path through which which can remain connected with the almighty.

Reported By: Subhash Baidya

Edited By: Mousumi Das