Petrol pumps start purchasing fuel from the Depots

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Kolkata: Somewhat relief to the bikers and car holders in the city as the petrol pumps have decided to step down from the strike to take petrol from the depots of Haldia, Bajbaj and Mourigram. West Bengal Petroleum Dealer’s Association has confirmed on the stand. It is heard that due to the intervention of State Govt in the matter, the pump authorities have been assured of equal distribution of petrol and diesel from the depots.

Three days back, the petrol pumps across the city and adjoining districts, had decided to no longer purchase the required fuel  from Haldia, Bajbaj, Mourigram depots. The decision was taken by West Bengal Petroleum Dealer’s Association in order to protest against the ‘dadagiri’ of the unions. Tushar Sen, the President of the Association said, depots provide the fuel to the 24 Parganas, Nadia, Kolkata, East and West Midnapore, Hooghly. Putting up a stand of protecting the rights, the union leaders at the depot are actually carrying out with their hooliganism,added he. To raise the voice against the situation, the petrol pumps will no longer purchase petrol from the depots. As a result of which, many feared that the pumps will run dry and there will occur a scarcity of fuel in the city and the adjoining places. But according to the latest news, there will not be any scarcity as of now. and the Pump owners will think of a different stand after June 26 if the condition is not altered.