Petrol Prices Cut For Fifth Consecutive Day


New Delhi: The price of petrol was cut for the fifth straight day on Sunday, though the cost of diesel remained the same, giving some more relief to the consumers dealing with record high rates.

The price of petrol was cut by nine paise on Sunday to Rs 85.92 a litre in Mumbai, but diesel rates were left unchanged at Rs 73.58, according to the data available on Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.’s website. The prices are still close to all-time high levels hit last week.

Petrol cost Rs 78.11 per litre in Delhi on Sunday, after it was Rs 78.20 in the Capital the previous day. The price of a litre was Rs 85.92 in Mumbai, and Rs 80.75 in Kolkata. In Chennai, it was down 10 paise, to Rs 81.09 a litre.

The price of diesel continues to be Rs 69.11 a litre in Delhi, Rs 71.66 in Kolkata, Rs 73.58 in Mumbai, and Rs 72.97 in Chennai.