Petrol, diesel Excise Duty Hiked Before Diwali


Mumbai: The government hiked excises tax on petrol by Rs 1.60 per litre and the same on diesel by 40 paisa a litre to add additional revenue to meet budgetary targets on Friday night.

The basic excise on normal petrol was increased from Rs 5.46 per litre to Rs 7.06 a litre, according to a CBEC notification.

After including additional and special excise, the total levy on petrol will be Rs 19.06 per litre as against present levy of Rs 17.46.

Similarly on unbranded or normal diesel, excise has been increased from Rs 4.26 per litre to Rs 4.66 a litre.
After including special excise duty, total incidence of excise duty on diesel will be Rs 10.66 per litre as against present Rs 10.26.

The excise duty on branded petrol has been hiked from Rs 6.64 to Rs 8.24 per lire. Special and additional excise of Rs 12 per litre will continue as before.

On branded diesel, excise duty has been increased from Rs 6.62 to Rs 7.02 per litre. Additional excise of Rs 6 per litre will continue as before.

The four excise duty hikes between November and January totalled Rs 7.75 per litre on petrol and Rs 6.50 a litre on diesel.

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