Petrol and Diesel price become dearer


New Delhi: The bikers and car holders are sure to feel the pinch in the pocket after the new release from the petroleum ministry of India. According to the latest news, this midnight onwards,  Petrol prices will cost Rs 3.13 a litre more and diesel prices have soared up by Rs 2.71 per litre. The new prices will come to effect from midnight, as stated. The last time the government increased prices of both petrol and diesel was on April 30. At that time, after two rounds of cuts, petrol prices were raised by Rs 3.96 per litre and diesel by Rs 2.37 a litre, tracking global cues.

Petrol prices had been cumulatively cut by Rs 17.11 a litre in 10 reductions between August and February and diesel by Rs 12.96 a litre in 6 reductions between October and February. The rates were increased by 0.82 a litre in petrol and Rs 0.61 per litre in diesel on February 16, and by Rs 3.18 per litre in petrol and Rs 3.09 a litre in diesel on March 1.