PETA Condemns Salman Khan’s Bail In Blackbuck Poaching Case


New Delhi: The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) on Saturday slammed the Jodhpur Court’s decision to grant bail to Bollywood actor Salman Khan in the 20 years old Blackbuck poaching case. Issuing an official statement in connection with the Jodhpur Court’s decision, Dr Manilal Valliyate, CEO of PETA India, stated, “While Salman Khan gets to go back home to his movie star life for now, blackbucks were made to pay the highest price, with their lives.”

PETA India also pointed at how Salman Khan’s bail proceedings were fast-tracked because he is a celebrity.

“Meanwhile, PETA India has been involved in the case of a Maharashtra man who killed a langur as his first offense, who has been denied bail a record five times. Salman’s case is unusual–these days, wildlife crime matters are commonly fast tracked, bail is often denied, and offenders regularly receive seven-year prison sentences. If animal abusers now expect to get bail easily or to have their cases dragged out, they are in for a major surprise,” read the statement.

Salman Khan was granted bail by a Jodhpur Court earlier on Saturday. Additionally, he was also to pay a Rs 50,000 bail bond. The actor had appealed for a bail on Thursday following his conviction in the 1998 Blackbuck poaching case.

Salman was sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted of killing two Blackbucks by a Jodhpur court. PETA India had welomed the court’s decision saying,

“We are happy. Justice is equal for everyone. Though, It took 19 years but we are happy that verdict came out. No one can kill highly protected animals.”

The other four accused – actors Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam, and Sonali Bendre – were acquitted in the case having been given the benefit of doubt.