PETA Alleges Cruelty Towards Baby Chicks At Hatcheries


Hyderabad: Animal welfare group PETA on Tuesday claimed an “investigation” showed that some poultry companies in the country adopted cruel methods in dealing with unwanted baby chicks.

“An eyewitness investigation of several hatcheries and farms in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana reveals that millions of male chicks, who are considered useless to the egg industry, as well as other unwanted chicks are commonly ground up, drowned, burned, crushed, thrown into rubbish bins…while still alive by top players in the Indian egg and meat industries,” Nikunj Sharma, an official of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, told reporters here.

He said the “investigation” was conducted last year by Anonymous for Animal Rights and “obtained by PETA India”.

Sharma screened a video showing purported cruelty to animals allegedly at different hatcheries.

PETA has written to the Governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on the issue, Sharma said, adding the animal rights group would also be writing to the companies concerned soon, he said.

Such alleged cruel practices are “documented” in foreign countries as well, he said.

Noting that abusing chicks is against the law, he said PETA urges people to go vegan and the Government to look into the issue.

“In response to these atrocities, PETA is calling on the public to go vegan and the Government to consider new ‘in ovo’ sexing technology, in which chicks’ gender is determined before they hatch, potentially preventing large scale deaths of male chicks,” he said.

The outfit also requests the Government “to establish and implement a written standard for painless euthanasia for unhealthy chicks and take stern action against companies that kill chicks in cruel ways,” he added.

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