‘People’s President’ demanded on Indian Currency


New Delhi: When the entire nation is mourning the death of ‘People’s President’ Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, there has been storms in the Social Networking sites including Facebook and Twitter to induct the former President’s Picture in the Indian Currency instead of Gandhiji.

the social networking sites have been flooded with pictures of Indian Currency notes with superimposed pictures of the late President instead of Mahatma Gandhi. The Likes and shares of these pictures is also rising with each passing minute.

Will the pictures of Dr. Kalam be inducted into the Indian Currency notes? The question has started to arise, although there have been no such hints from the Union Home Ministry. On 2 October 1987, Mahatma Gandhi’s picture was inducted into the 500 Rupee note for the first time, but the notes with Gandhi’s pictures became permanent in 1996. Before that the currency notes used to carry the national emblem.