‘People Will Buy Chinese Goods As Long As They Are Cheap’


Hyderabad: Calls from some quarters to boycott Chinese goods, amid the Sino-India border standoff, would not have much impact because people would continue to buy them as long as they are cheap, a top Left leader said on Thursday. Senior RSS functionaries and yoga guru Ramdev were among those who made such appeals. “That’s some private people’s call.

We don’t want to react on that. As long as those goods are available cheaply, people will be purchasing,” general secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI), Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy, told reporters.

“If they (people) don’t want to buy, they need not buy…if they want to buy it, they can buy it. We are neither for such goods nor opposing it,” he said. The Communist leader said whenever there was some sort of tension between the two countries, such demands are made. “But these private calls will not have much of an impact, as such, I don’t think,” Reddy said. He expressed hope that the current standoff would not lead to an “armed clash”.

“Even this type of tension is not good for both the nations. After all we are neighbours and with Pakistan and China, we have to live permanently. So, they (Chinese) should also realise they have to live with us permanently, they have to solve it as quickly as possible,” he said.