Some People Thought We Will Loose Hope: Shaheb


Kolkata: A few months ago, anchor and model Sonika Singh Chauhan’s unnatural death came as a shadow of mourning for the tollywood industry. But on Friday before the news of actor Vikram Chatterjee’s arrest came out Shaheb Bhattacherjee’s tweet revealed everything. Shaheb Bhattacherjee took on to twitter to express his love for Sonika. Which reflected his faith in law and order .

Since the death of Sonika Chauhan many comments came out from many people , some said it was an accident and some claimed it was all Vikram Chatterjee’s fault and demanded justice for Sonika’s death . But most of the allegations were heading towards Vikrama Chatterjee.

As per the report police finally arrested actor Vikram Chatterjee. He was arrested after Kolkata Police personnel intercepted a cab outside Acropolis Mall on Rashbehari Avenue connector in Kasba area of south Kolkata on Thursday midnight .

Before the news could come to the notice of the people Shaheb Bhattacherjee’s tweet on Friday morning explained his love for Sonika.

Shaheb Bhattacherjee took on to twitter to express his love for Sonika. Which reflected his faith on law and order .

Actor Vikram had earlier been charged with an unintentional murder case which was filed against him. And Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code or culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

“The report, which was received by police last week, revealed that about 4.6 seconds before the crash, the car was moving at 105 km/hr. About 2.1 seconds before the crash, the speed was reduced to 93 km/hr, and till 1.6 seconds before the crash, no break was applied. This proves the driver was not in control,” a police officer had said.

Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Vishal Garg added that the high speed of the car can be considered as a deliberate act. “The reports have proved that car was at a high speed. This can be considered a deliberate act; hence we moved court and court accepted our prayer. We have booked Vikram under Section 304 of IPC,” he said.

Vikram has been taken to custody for further questioning in connection with the case , so that the truth comes out soon. Beside this few pictures of Vikram consuming liquor have also revealed . Sonika’s friends said that on the night of the accident Vikram visited three night clubs and consumed liquor.