People Sold Their Conscience To Devil: Dayanidhi


Chennai: Twitter exploded in hilarity over former Union minister Dayanidhi Maran’s statement that people in Tamil Nadu sold their “conscience to the devil” and that the AIADMK paid money to voters when ‘exit polls’ had predicted a DMK win.

Exit poll results are announced at the end of polling, and paying cash to voters can’t change the verdict sealed in the electronic voting machines.  While talking to media after election results showed a clear win for the ruling AIADMK in Tamil Nadu, Maran said, “All the exit polls predicted that the DMK is going to win. This forced the ruling party to spend more money.”

The grandnephew of DMK chief M Karunanidhi might have meant opinion polls, which were released before polling, when he said exit polls. But people immediately cottoned on to his remark and asked: “Sorry Dayanidhi Maran. Exit polls are done after the polls! How does spending money after the elections change the verdict?”

After Maran made the statement, #DayanidhiMaran started trending on Twitter.  Tweeples wondered if  Maran was sleeping this last one week or was able to time travel like the fictional Harry Potter. “Money can’t buy votes once the exit polls are out unless someone in AIADMK time-travelled. Dayanidhi Maran blabbing #TNElection2016,” commented voters.

He said, “People have sold their conscience to the devil, ” and his remark didn’t go down too well with the general public. Some berated him for being a bad loser, while others felt he might have been genuinely ignorant as to how elections were held.

Maran had said, “The mandate of people of TN was for DMK, but unfortunately, crores of money was spent by J Jayalalithaa.” Tweeple reacted saying it was a case of sour grapes and arrogance.

One of the more popular tweets was “Mom – Why did you fail? Son – Mom I passed, the exam failed me. Dayanidhi Maran in his childhood days.” Another was “Dayanidhi Maran that guy who never accepts, he got out while playing gully cricket.”