‘People Of Bengal Mandated For A Corrupt Regime’

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Kolkata: Change or Repetition was the question in each and everyone’s mind. And the citizens have decided to see Mamata Banerjee crowning herself again for the next five years as the CM of West Bengal.

None of the recent controversies could dethrone the Trinamool government, neither Saradha scam nor the Narada sting issue. There was high anticipation with the Congress-CPM alliance which finally failed. This alliance and its future have already raised a lot of questions. Congress candidate from Bidhannagar Arunabha Ghosh lost his cool when confronted with the question of the failed alliance. He said that the people of Bengal want robbery and corruption in Bengal and hence took such a decision. He said, “The people of Bengal mandated for a corrupt regime.” This remark has already sparked controversy everywhere. The TMC party retorted back. They said that the people of Bengal have expressed their opinion against smear campaign and bad publicity. The alliance is finding it a problem to accept such an opinion.

On the other hand, CPM leader Biman Bose said that his party would be issuing statement regarding the assembly results, later on. But he believes that the reason for their failure might be the complications that rose from their alliance with the Congress. Since the beginning of the vote counting on Thursday, TMC has been taking a leading position. When questioned about this progress of TMC, Biman Bose said that it is not an alliance but just a compromisation. Both CPM and Congress has advertised separately. So it would be better to not term it as an alliance. It has also been reported that the people of Bengal showed differences in opinions regarding the alliance.

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CPM Politburo member Brinda Karat said that it is high time that it needs to be decided whether the alliance with Congress party is needed or not. Brinda congratulated Kerala for its results. But several intellectuals consider this as an indirect statement against Bengal’s failure of the CPM party. She might have tried to explain that the CPM’s progress in Kerala was moving in a right way than Bengal.