People Should Not Stand For National Anthem In Halls, Prakash Raj


Mumbai: Actor Prakash Raj, speaking at a press conference in Bengaluru has said that he doesn’t wish to join politics. “I am not joining politics,” the Singham star said. Not naming his counterparts Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth, Prakash Raj said, “I don’t like actors joining politics because they are actors & have fans. They should always stay aware about their responsibility towards them”.

He also added that he doesn’t support the idea of someone standing up for the national anthem in cinema halls. “I don’t think someone should stand in cinema hall and show his or her patriotism,” he added further.

Prakash Raj has been in controversy due to his criticism of the Modi government in recent times. He criticised PM Modi on the murder of noted journalist, Gauri Lankesh’s murder. Taking a jibe at the Prime Minister, Prakash Raj said, “You can’t make me believe by making promises of good days. See, I’m a bigger actor than you people (Modi government) and I can tell when you are acting. Please respect the fact that I’m a professional actor. When you act as if you don’t know anything, do you think I or people will buy it?”

Last week as well, during the one year anniversary of Modi government’s decision to ban Rs 500 and 1000 notes, he termed the decision as the “biggest blunder of our times” on Twitter.