‘People Confused Whether You Are Mamata Or Mumtaz’


Siliguri: Former State BJP President Rahul Sinha lashed out at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday over her ‘Sachha Hindu’ comment.

Rahul Sinha said at Siliguri that, ‘I feel like laughing after seeing our CM. Mamata said that she is a ‘sachha Hindu’ while providing puja to the Puri’s Jagannath Temple. But people have forgotten when you have last visited any temple. The common people have seen you visiting Mosques and attending Iftaars. Hence how does any fault lie with the people of Puri? They were confused whether you are Mamata or Mumtaz. They will naturally stop you. Now you tell us, how is BJP responsible for this?

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Stating over the Ram Navami issue, Rahul Sinha said that, “Why did so many people take out to the streets? This has made the CM wonder. If the people take to the streets for maintaining their own religion, then what is the CM’s problem? The reasons are still unclear.”

Rahul Sinha lashed out saying that “I have never heard any Muslim say that he is a true Muslim unlike the CM. Do any of us say that ‘We are Hindu?” So why is she saying this? Is she a Hindu or a Muslim? What we heard in Bangladesh is being echoed today in West Bengal. I used to hear that the Hindus were being forced to refrain from their religious activities in Bangladesh. The members of other parties used to stop. But in Bengal, the government is stopping them. It has become a big question that is we living in a democratic country?

‘মমতা’ না ‘মমতাজ’ কটাক্ষ রাহুলের

Rahul Sinha also clearly stated that he would not have any problem if the CM adopts the Muslim religion. He said that he would like to congratulate the CM if she adopts such a measure. But she must not pollute West Bengal’s atmosphere by posing as a fake Muslim. What is the reason behind giving cycles to selective Hindu and Muslims? As a result of this, Trinamool Congress Party would lose out on the votes from both the Hindus and Muslims.

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