Penniless Farmer Sells Kidney For Repaying Loan


Tamluk: Sad news grips the whole area of Bartana village where a pennyless farmer sells his kidney for repaying loan. The tragic incident happened in the West Midnapore’s Egra area. The farmer, Nimai Maity who is engaged in betel leaf farming.

In this incident, the wife of Nimai Maity, Sandhya Maity alreday lodged complaint against forty two persons at Egra police station. The Officer-In-Charge of Egra police station Krishnendu Pradhan said that two persons have been arrested already in connection with illegal money transaction. We launched investigation to nab other culprits.

Farmers welfare Society and Farming development society and was running since long time. Under the name of development, they served money-lending buisness. They actually money lenders. Persons whose business is lending money to others who pay the interests. Near about this type of forty two society started to launder money from the penny less farmers.

According to sources, Nimai took lakhs from this type of society to renovate his business. But the amount of loan is now Three lakhs fifty thousands. At last Nimai decided to sell his kidney for repaying the loan as they forced him to repay the loan as soon as possible.

According to Pancchayat Pradhan, Sidheswar Bera accepted their presence. DM Rashmi Kamal ordered to take action on them immediately.