Sensational Incident Happened In Bardhaman


East Bardhaman: Private parts of a young man has been slaughtered out of personal animosity on Saturday evening. Such barbaric incident took place in East-Bardhaman.

Name of the victim is Shamim Mandal. Two young male neighbours came and took him out of his house. Shamim, resident of Sonadanga, Monteshwar of East- Bardhaman.

According to local source, the 22 years old young is a computer mechanic by profession. Two person called him to repair computer few days ago. There two men took him to a abandoned place and rigorously beaten him. Meanwhile one of them slaughtered Shamim’s genital with a sharp arm and escaped the place. A FIR has been lodged in Monteshwar police station.

যুবকের পুরুষাঙ্গ কেটে খুনের চেষ্টা বর্ধমানে

Local people came to the spot as he was howling for help. They rushed him to the Monteshwar Health Center. His physical condition was increasingly down so he has been shifted to Bardhaman Medical College and Hospital.

Family of Shamim Mandal has given written allegation to Monteshwar Police station. After preliminary investigation police said, professional aggression could be the probable reason behind the incident. Police looking for those two men.