Pedestrians Greeted With Flowers, Toffies During Bandh


Kolkata: A laudable initiative taken by the TMC party on Tuesday was to distribute special gifts to those who were out on streets, thereby defying the 48-hour-old strike. This picture was evident at Bidhannagar. However, sporadic incidents of violence was seen at some parts of Kolkata. The strike has been called by trade unions including CITU. But the West Bengal government keen on opposing it.

On Tuesday, under the initiative by Bidhannagar municipal’s Trinamool councillor,  an anti-strike initiative was undertaken at Labani island where TMC leaders and workers assembled. They had their party flag, rose and logenze or toffies in their hands.

Nirmal Dutta, councillor of ward 38 said, “Many people have come out of the streets thereby defying the bandh. Those who are passing through the Labani island, we are giving them flowers and toffies. Those who have come out in their cars, we have given these gifts to the drivers too. Through this, we mainly want to spread the message of peace. Apart from this, for the past few days we have spread message to oppose bandh at several places of Bidhannagar. Meetings, rallies to oppose bandh were held. The TMC leaders, workers and supporters were in the streets such that no common man faces any harassment due to bandh in the streets. Such that no bandh supporters can take part in hooliganism in the name of strike”