Peace Mission 2018: India & Pak To Take Part In 1st Ever Joint Military Exercises


New Delhi: For the first time, India and Pakistan are set to take part in joint military drills. This will happen as part of the Peace Mission exercises to be held in Russia in September, along with a number of other partner countries under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

India’s participation in the Peace Mission 2018 exercises was announced by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during her speech to the 15th SCO Defence Ministers Meeting in Beijing. She however made no direct reference to Pakistan in her speech, either in regard to the exercises or to the continued support for terrorists.

This will be the first time that the nuclear-armed South Asian nations will take part in exercises together. Both countries had become full members of the SCO last year. The drill will feature all SCO member states, including Russia and China.

“India enjoys excellent bilateral defence cooperation with a large number of SCO countries especially with Russia as well as with all of India’s Central Asian partners represented in the SCO… cooperation in the SCO framework will help reinforce India’s efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperation with the partners in the region in the field of defence,” Nirmala said, according to a statement from the Ministry of Defence. Pakistani officials have also confirmed that Pakistan would participate in the exercises.

Peace Mission 2018 could present an interesting turn of events between India and Pakistan considering its nature. The exercise is not just a wide-ranging war game, but specifically a counter-terrorism exercise involving every SCO member. It is aimed at improving the coordination and combat readiness of SCO members for joint counter-terrorism operations should such a need arise. India and Pakistan have repeatedly accused each other of terrorism.